International Conference on
Soft Computing for Security Applications
ICSCS 2021

ICSCS 2021 in Springer Forthcoming Series
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10-11, June 2021

Springer - Advances in Intelligent Systems
and Computing
Series Ed.: Kacprzyk, Janusz
ISSN: 2194-5357
Final Paper Submission
Conference Date
10-11, June 2021


In recent years, soft computing is playing a prominent role in finding optimal and sustainable solutions, where it deals with uncertainty, imprecision, and approximation to leverage robust and optimal solutions into existence. Soft computing is emerging as a combinational paradigm by integrating a set of methodologies and techniques such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, fuzzy neural networks, expert systems, and genetic algorithms that are commonly used to build intelligent, automated and secured systems. Nevertheless, this International Conference on Soft Computing for Security Applications [ICSCS 2021] will offers a wide area by covering all domains of soft computing. The journal invites the findings and research work related to the application of soft computing techniques for security, optimization, and decision support. The main aim of ICSCS 2021 is to promote Soft Computing [SC] techniques such as fuzzy logic, neural network, support vector machines, evolutionary computation, machine learning and probabilistic reasoning to solve various real-time challenges.


With its state-of-art infrastructure, laboratories, library and well equipped teachers the college has complied with all the mandatory requirements of AICTE and Anna University and is one among the very few colleges to receive a No Deficiency status from Anna University for the past three years.

The institution is also well known for several centre of Excellence. To mention a few
• Green Building
• GIS/Surveying
• Smart Cities
• CNC programming and operations
• Automation Solutions
• Assembly & Animation
• eLearning
• Cloud Computing
• Internet of Things (IOT)
• Design of Embedded System
• Optical communication
• Renewable Energy