4th International Conference on Soft Computing for Security Applications ICSCSA-2024

24-25, September 2024

organized by
Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology
Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.

Call for Papers

The 4th International Conference on Soft Computing for Security Applications [ICSCSA-2024] invites submissions for original research in soft computing. We welcome contributions that address real-world challenges in security applications through the application of soft computing techniques. The conference will feature two distinct tracks, but not limited to:


  • Intrusion Detection Systems using Soft Computing Techniques
  • Threat Analysis and Prediction with Fuzzy Logic
  • Application of Neural Networks in Biometric Systems
  • Evolutionary Computation for Cybersecurity Analytics
  • Secure Communication Protocols
  • Fuzzy Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection
  • Soft Computing Approaches for Malware Analysis
  • Adaptive Security Measures using Machine Learning
  • Track-2

  • Soft Computing Algorithms for Optimization Problems
  • Intelligent Decision-Making Systems
  • Financial Risk Management using Soft Computing
  • Logistics Optimization with Genetic Algorithms
  • Fuzzy Logic Applications in Supply Chain Management
  • Adaptive Resource Allocation through Neural Networks
  • Machine Learning for Decision Support
  • Soft Computing in Real-time Decision Support Systems